TOP 6 Favorite Pacifier/Teether Clips of 2023: The Pros, The Cons And How To Use



As parents, we have more than enough to keep track of! From major milestones to tiny details (like whatever happened to that left sock?), it’s enough to make you feel like you’ll never keep up. It’s difficult to stay ahead of the game, and continuously losing things like pacifiers (and socks!) makes it that much more frustrating. Of course, we’ll take all the help we can get, which is why we’re highlighting a pretty handy gadget today: the pacifier clip. Here, we’ll introduce you to some of our favorites, let you in on our biggest pros and cons of each, and outline how best to use them, too. So if you’re hoping you’ve just lost your last pacifier (stand strong, mama!), keep reading! 

How to Use a Pacifier Clip

Using a pacifier or teether clip is a snap—literally. The first thing you need to know is that there are two basic types of clips: a snap clip and a loop clip. And of course, the purpose of a pacifier clip or teether is to keep baby’s pacifier and/or teether close, clean, and well, not lost. Get ready to say goodbye to dropped pacifiers and teethers when you are out and about with no way to clean it!

How to put a pacifier or teether clip on a pacifier:

In three simple steps, here’s how to use a pacifier clip that snaps shut: 

  1. Open the snap and loop it around the handle of a pacifier or teether.
  2. Close the snap tightly, then clip the other end to baby’s shirt or other desired place.

And a loop-style pacifier or teether clip how to use

  1. Feed one end of the loop through the hole or handle of a pacifier and/or teether. 
  2. Pull the pacifier/teether clip through the loop, then tighten.
  3. Clip to baby’s shirt or other desired place.

The retractable pacifier/teether clip that is mentioned below, is a loop style clip but works differently from standard pacifier/teether clips. Here’s an illustration of how it works:


Without further ado, here are our favorite pacifier/teether clips. On this list you’ll find gender neutral as well as baby boy pacifier/teether clips and baby girl pacifier/teether holders. We’ve even got the new retractable pacifier/teether holder, we mentioned above and think you’re sure to love. 


BooginHead - This fun company brings us a complete set of classic pacifier clips that are made to be compatible with all pacifiers, whether they have a loop/bar handle or those tiny holes. The line has cute designs in bright fabric patterns for boys, girls or gender neutral. These pacifier handles also come in a clever “sensory” option, which crinkles when baby plays with it. There are a couple cons though--1. We don’t like that the fabric can easily stain—we all know how messy babies can be! 2. We’re not a fan that they’re a long pacifier clip near baby’s little neck, which allows the pacifier to drag all over the ground when baby is crawling.

Dodo Babies - These paci clips are very similar to BooginHead but have much cuter designs, in our opinion, and are the most affordable on this list. With 4-pack designs for baby boy pacifier clips and baby girl pacifier holders, you’ll love the fun, trendy colors. Plus, you’ll receive two non-toxic teething toys as an added bonus. Again, we aren’t fans of the easily stainable material and that they, too, are a long pacifier clip near baby’s neck, allowing the pacifier to drag while baby is crawling. 

Bumkins - Their pacifier clips are very similar in look and design to the brands above. However, we like them because the fabric is made from Bumkins’ easy-wipe, waterproof fabric. So it doesn’t stain like those cotton/polyester pacifier clips do. But, even with waterproof fabric like this, it’s still a pain to constantly unclip the pacifier to clean, which is what you’ll have to do since this clip, too, will drag while baby’s crawling.

LouLou Lollipop - These modern pacifier clips are simple but effective and another favorite. Available in an array of lovely colors like dusty rose for baby girl pacifier holders or cool grey that would make an excellent gender neutral pacifier clip. Plus, choose from wood pacifier clips made from chompable beech wood, or a combination of wood and food-grade silicone. Either selection makes for a great teething toy once baby’s tiny teeth start coming in. However, these pacifier leashes are some of the longest you’ll find, which makes it a bit more flexible, but also a bit more hazardous as well—at least in our opinion. Remember to always closely supervise baby when using a pacifier clip. Like we mentioned above, we don’t recommend if you have a crawling baby. 

Ryan & Rose - With a nearly endless array of adorable pacifier clips to coordinate with the Ryan and Rose cutie pat pacifier, you can’t go wrong when you choose this brand! Their pacifier clips come in 3 different lengths—mini, midi and maxi—to suit pretty much any mama’s preference. What’s more, these cute pacifier clips are handmade in the USA by moms just like us! With tons of colors and varieties to choose from, we know you’ll love the Ryan and Rose binky clips. The only con we found with some of the beaded clips, is that they make the pacifier clip stiff and aren’t flexible. They are also the most expensive pacifier clips on this list due to being handmade here in the USA. But we know many of you love supporting mama-made products, if you can afford to. Just make sure to get the mini size if you have a crawling baby!

Little BaeBae - Without a doubt, all of the pacifier clips on our list make great choices! But as the creators of the world’s first baby-safe retractable pacifier/teether holder, we have to say we’re partial to the Little BaeBae RetractaClip. Our unique retractable clip is the first short and long pacifier clip in ONE. Which keeps baby’s pacifier at just the right length, all the time. Or extend it and clip to their waistband, car seat, and/or stroller etc. We love that it gives you more places you can clip than just a short pacifier clip. All without having to worry about a long loose cord near their little necks, their pacifier dragging on the ground, or getting stuck around their legs while crawling. Not to mention, our one of a kind quick release clip! Which allows you to quickly clip off the whole pacifier clip or easily clip off a dirty pacifier and clip on a clean pacifier. You can even quickly switch to a light weight teether like our adorable llama teethers we developed for our RetractaClips! With our super trendy limited edition designs (and yes, of course we have our signature llama clip collection), you’ll love these genius and cute pacifier/teether clips. And with coordinating llama loveys, they make great gift sets, too! We even have a special promo code just for you to get 20% OFF one of our retractable pacifier clips! Use code: FAVORITE20 (Excludes sales & combo deals)

P.S. We just launched our newest product the Little BaeBae pacifier/teether PlushieClips . The softest pacifier clip on the market and plushie blanket in one! Designed with the quick release clip so you can clip off the Retractaclip and clip on the PlushieClip for them to snuggle--without having to worry about taking any pacifiers out of sleeping baby's mouths! (Hurray!)

Little BaeBae Boutique offers unique pacifier clips that are compatible with just about any pacifier on the market, including BPA-free natural rubber BIBS pacifiers, the ever-popular Ryan and Rose CutiePat which are also sold at . Plus, any other pacifiers, whether they have bars or holes.