Retractaclip FAQs

All About The Little Bae Retractaclip

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Little Bae Retractaclip?

A: The Little Bae Retractaclip is a pacifier clip that has been newly developed to solve the problems you experience with standard pacifier clips. It SOFTLY retracts keeping the cord short near baby's little neck and keeps the pacifier from dragging on the ground while baby crawls. The Little Bae Retractaclip can also be used with lightweight teethers and toys--or can be attached to heavier items you just don't want baby to throw. 

2. Can the Little Bae Retractaclip be attached to all types of pacifiers?

A: Yes, the Little Bae Retractaclip is universal and attaches to majority of all pacifiers. Just needs to have a hole or bar to attach to just like with regular pacifier clips. However, if the Retractaclip is fully extended it works best with ones that have a hole on the bottom like the circular ones by Philips Avent or Ryan & Rose. For pacifiers with the holes on the sides, when you attach the Retractaclip to one side the slight pull (only when fully extended) can tilt the pacifier to one side. But when the Retractaclip is attached to the shirt/onesie collar there is zero pull and won't cause that type of pacifier to tilt. So still works with majority of all pacifiers!

3. Will the Little Bae Retractaclip pull the pacifier out of my baby's mouth? 

A: No, we spent a long time getting the tension just right so that it won't. But we know not all babies are the same and few might be bothered by the slight pull when fully extended. However, when the Retractaclip is attached to the shirt/oneise collar it reaches their mouth without being extended and will have ZERO pull. So it can still be used with any baby. If you have a newborn, it is best to clip it to the collar or close to it until they have a strong suction of their pacifier and then as they get older--you can extend it to their waistband, carseat or other places. (*Our son could use the Retractaclip fully extended and clipped to waistband at just 4 weeks old, so it just depends on your baby and their pacifier suction ability). 

4. Will it pinch or wrap around my baby's fingers?

A: No, we developed it specifically for babies and it is a soft retraction. So if their fingers are in the way or holding on to it, then it won't retract or pinch them. Once baby is older, they could wrap it around their fingers I suppose, if they have the motor skills to do so but it will just retract once they let go. If somehow, it got stuck, it would not tighten on them or anything like that--like stated above it simply won't retract if their fingers or limbs are in the way. We do recommend parent supervision just to be extra safe. 

 5. Is there warranty on the Little BaeBae Retractaclip?

A: Yes. Six month warranty, which covers manufacturer defects. Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse, or damages caused by the user. But we do stand behind our product 100% so if you have any issues or are not happy with it please contact us ( and we'll do what we can to make you a satisfied customer!

6. How do you clean the Little Bae Retractaclip? 

A: Spot clean with damp cloth and soap/water. Do not place clip in washing machine, dishwasher or soak in water. Doing so may compose the overall quality of the clip and cause it to rust. *Includes not letting baby suck or chew on metal  clip.

7. How can I share pictures of my little one using the Little Bae Retractaclip?

A: We LOVE seeing our #littlebaeretractaclip on your cute baebae! If you send us a photo of your little cutie using it--they may get featured on our social media accounts! Tag us on Instagram and/or Facebook with @Littlebaebae1 and use the hashtag #littlebaebae . Or you can also email us your pictures at

8. Do you collaborate with other shops and bloggers?

A: We collab with a select few each month but you are welcome to email us and if we are full, then we can add you to a waiting list for future spots. Please contact us at if interested.


Parent supervision recommended. Inspect and make sure it is retracting correctly and securely clipped to baby before letting them use it--the Little BaeBae Retractaclip is NOT a toy. Once baby gets older and develops the motor-skills to physically try and wrap it around their neck, clip below their chest so that the cord is not long enough for them to be able to. Does contain small parts. Buyer assumes all responsibility.

 Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback. We would love to hear from you!